I’m excited to be going over the final proofs for the second Dark Horse Korra art book. This thing will be on its way to the printers soon. Can’t wait for you guys to see it!

The first Art of Book is a beauty, so really excited for the second one.
I love you, David, even though your hair drives me crazy! Get a haircut! :D

Kataang sketch!
I’m still not sure I completely buy their canon older designs (Like, Aang’s nose? Really?) but, oh well!

Happy birthday aleccha!!! :D a quick drawing of Tenth and Rose just for you! 
also on deviantart!
auguri su tutti i social network! yeeeeeh!!! XD

LOOK AT THISLOOK AT THIS BEAUTYAAAHH  *__________*The wonderful Birthday gift generalekia made for me! <3 Thanks again, sweetie, I love it! :’)