kristallioness sent: Hello! I'm Kristal and I just wanted to say that I started following you because I really love your art (especially about Avatar cause I'm a fan as well)! I actually discovered you on deviantART, but seeing that you had an account on Tumblr, too, I couldn't help but begin following you.

Thanks a lot! :)

Tag thing

Good, now that I’m officially ON HOLIDAY I can finally catch up woth what I’ve left behind for the last couple of months!
Let’s start with this: tagged by my friend generalekia!

Rule one: Always post the rules
Rule two: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones
Rule three: Tag 11 people and link them to the post
Rule four: Actually tell them you tagged them

1) Did you have a favourite stuffed animal when you were a kid?
Sure! A teddy bear named Schicchi… I even made him “talk”! :D He still keeps me company, he has a special “seat” in my bedroom :)
2) What book would you recommend to read?
"Fahrenheit 451", by Ray Bradbury. So actual it hurts!
3) Are you a vegetarian?
Noo, I like meat! :D Not my favourite meal, though (pasta forever!)
4) Do you like your handwriting?
I quite like it.
5) What’s your favourite hot beverage?
Lemon tea, classic <3
6) Is there a particular country/city in the world that you would like to visit?
Hmmm… is WORLD a country? Hah! Well, for the time being I’d like to visit Oceania …and maybe go to New Zealand and play with some kiwi birds! *_*
7) Do you have a friend you’ve known for more than 15 years?
Yep, my close friend Giulia <3 <3
8) Do you like cooking?
Quite a bit, especially cakes
9) Was there a word you couldn’t pronounce well when you were a kid?
The first word that comes to my mind is “pannocchia” (“cob” in Italian): I always said “pagnocca”! XD
10) What’s your favourite Disney villain?
Yzma from “The Emperor’s new Groove”!
11) What colour are your eyes?
Green! Everyone thinks they’re brown, though T________T

I’m not tagging anyone for the time being ‘cause I’m too tired to come up with ten questions of my own! :D I’ll try to write them down later.
This was fun!











when she says she doesn’t send nudes


when guys objectify women and expect them to send nudesimage

when someone asks you about your nuclear plans for russia


When Russia sends you nudes








Personal work, 2013


I’m excited to be going over the final proofs for the second Dark Horse Korra art book. This thing will be on its way to the printers soon. Can’t wait for you guys to see it!

The first Art of Book is a beauty, so really excited for the second one.